9 reasons why your business needs Digital Marketing in Nepal

Written By Biraj Parajuli

On April 29, 2022

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I will explain the reasons why your business needs good Digital Marketing in Nepal.

The role of a good digital marketing strategy becomes critical when it comes to scaling up local businesses and taking them to the next level.

In the context of Nepal, Digital marketing is booming after the recent COVID pandemic. This pandemic made every business realize the significance of online business for which Digital marketing is a must.

The first step of digital marketing is building an online presence be it a website, social media, or anything digital. Digital marketing comes in handy to boost your local business.

Importance of Digital Marketing in Nepal

With the significant rise of the Internet, our way of living has changed. Everything is digitally available with just a single click. That is to say, with a single click you can have the product or service you wanted at your doorstep. 

If you are hungry, you can get food from your favorite restaurant with a single click away.

People are shifting from traditional ways to digital mediums. Thus, there is great importance of Digital Marketing in today’s context. Let us explore the 9 reasons behind the significance of digital marketing in Nepal.

1. Customers Are Online

According to Data Reportal, there were about 12 million internet users in Nepal in January 2022 and this number is growing day by day. 

Also, Kepois analysis indicates that the internet users in Nepal increased by 822 thousand (+7.7 % between 2021 AND 2022 ). This is greatly due to the recent pandemic, however, business prospects cannot be overlooked. 

So, if your business is not online yet, you are missing out on a lot of potential customers. Hence, take your business digital as soon as possible. This will decide your future.

2. Competitors are Online

One of the perks of choosing digital marketing is that you get to know a lot about your competitors as they are Online. You can work on new strategies and outplay them in the long run. This way you can capture the market before it becomes saturated. 

In the context of our country as well, you can get to know about your competitors online. You can follow their social media handles and try to present yourself better. Also, you can track what your competitors are doing right and follow the same strategy.

3.  Accessible to Customers

One of the significances of Digital Marketing is its accessibility factor. For any business to succeed it should be accessible to its customers despite its location. 

Whether you are living in the city or a remote village, you should be able to get the service you wanted. And, Digital Marketing helps to achieve such goals.

More specifically, let us suppose you have an online store of computer accessories in Kathmandu, and the people of Jumla wanted to buy a laptop from you. With the help of Digital Marketing, you can achieve such a goal. It doesn’t matter where you live. The only thing that matters is that you should have a stable internet connection. 

This is how digital marketing is accessible to its customers. 

4.  Branding

With a proper Digital Marketing strategy, building an online brand has been easier. Unlike traditional ways, digital marketing helps to aware people of your business more easily and effectively. The more your brand is popular, the more people notice you leading to higher sales.

As more and more people are going virtual and use of social media has been widespread. Your business is going to take advantage of that in the long run.

5. Targeting Right Audience

The disadvantage of traditional marketing was that it was not able to target the right audience. But, with digital marketing, you can specifically target your audience.

 Let us suppose you have a business in Car Accessories, then you can target only those people who have an interest in Cars. Your ads will only be shown to those people. This ultimately enhances your business and brings greater car sales.

6. Higher Conversion

With effective digital marketing strategies, you can target your potential customers based on their locations, behaviors, education, gender, etc. However, in traditional ways such as newspapers, television, radio, etc targeting is not accurate which leads to fewer conversions.

As digital marketing allows you to target the right audience, it brings greater conversion. The data the digital marketing platforms collect becomes crucial to increase sales and get leads.

7. Cost-Effective

It is undeniable that small businesses face trouble due to their low budget for marketing. In this regard, digital marketing can be the go-to option. With just small capital, these businesses can attract huge customers. 

Starting a digital marketing campaign is not troublesome. You can simply set up a social media account or a website to start the digital marketing journey. By running Ads or working on SEO, the businesses can compete with the big competitors in the market with attractive offers. 

Digital Marketing lets you decide the budget to run different ads campaign. Hence, Digital Marketing is cost-effective and has a huge prospectus to increase your sales and generate leads.

8. Better Customer Support

With digital marketing, you can regularly interact with your customers and identify what your customer needs. In case of any problems, you can instantly deal with those problems. This will boost the relationship between customers and businesses. The better the customer support is the more people try your goods and services.

9.  Long Term Investment

Digital marketing is a long-term investment. The content you post on your social media will be there for a long and still be relevant. 

Also, if you rank higher on Google you will drive traffic to your site even if you stopped SEO for a while. However, you should be proactive so that your competitor does not outrank you.

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